Cats are the stars of the show at Cat Cafe Rescue! Our catified lounge was created with cats in mind while also making guests feel at peace. Cats require space to climb, run, scratch, and hide when they need to take a break. We’ve made sure that our kittos have everything they need to live a happy, stress-free life while they await their furever homes.


Guests can sip freshly brewed coffee and nibble on a light snack while lounging in a room full of adorable adoptable cats at our cafe. We established ourselves as a nonprofit organization because contributions should go toward life-saving efforts. We believe that all cat lives are meaningful and enjoy sharing our kittos’ backstories, favorite toys, and adorable belly-rub moments.


As Chino Hills’ only nonprofit cat cafe, our core belief is to make our cats lives’ rich, not people. Every dollar donated goes directly to our mission of creating positive moments. That means one less cat at risk of euthanasia, a cat-centric environment for our kitties to thrive, the rehabilitation of an under-socialized cat at risk of euthanasia, and, most importantly, making guests feel welcomed and open to adopting a kitty or two.




Become A Monthly Donor

Any amount of money is helpful and appreciated. It helps our efforts to rescue kittens and cats facing death due to congestion in shelters since spay and neuter programs were unable to continue running during the majority of the pandemic.